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Book Review From Oh My Bookness: Launch Pad UK: Britain and the Cuban Missile Crisis by Jim Wilson

 Launch Pad UK: Britain and the Cuban Missile Crisis 
by Jim Wilson

  • Publication date: March 3, 2017
  • Publisher: Pen and Sword
  • Book Length: 208
  • ISBN-10: 1473886651
  • ISBN- 13: 978-1473886650

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Book Description:
For most British people the weekend of 27/28 October 1962 could so very easily have been their last weekend on earth, yet astonishingly the fact that Britain's nuclear deterrent forces went to an unprecedented level of readiness was kept secret from the public. Thor nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles stood on a round-the-clock wartime state of alert ready to be fired, these were the 'other' missiles of the Cuban Missile Crisis, which made Britain, in effect, America's launch pad. During the height of the crisis both RAF Bomber Command and the US Strategic Air Command were poised at the highest st7ates of readiness. Both were ordered to a level of war readiness unparalleled throughout the whole of the forty years of Cold War.

There is evidence to suggest that had the US needed to launch an air strike against Russian missiles in Cuba, President Kennedy might have been willing to absorb a Soviet nuclear assault on a NATO ally without retaliation, if it would have avoided escalation to World War Three.

Book Review:

Launch Pad UK: Britain and the Cuban Missile Crisis 

Author: Jim Wilson
Review By: Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness)
June 28, 2017

Its kind of scary how the government keeps secrets from the general population, especially when it means it could end of mankind. Well it happened in October 27/28 1962 with the Cuban Missile Crisis, with the help from Britain they held the America’s launch pad for “Thor,” that’s what they named the ballistic missiles. It's alarming knowing how close the launch crews have had sixty missiles just minutes from lift off! 

 Jim Wilson did remarkable research on this subject, he provides pictures of the actual missile launch pad at Cape Canaveral to the transportation of Thor through the villages of east England. Jim provides details of the transport of the missiles, who was involved, how they had cranes, tractors, police escort, etc. There is also a launch pad plan that are numbered to explain its function. He also provided the names of The Thor Squadrons who participated in the continuation of the Cuban missile crisis launch team.

 This is a great book to go back in time for the people that grew up in the sixties or who is eager to know what really happened during the Cuban missile crisis. It tells who was involved, and what happened to Thor at the end of the crisis, how it was essential to America’s growing achievements.

About The Author:

Jim Wilson worked as a journalist in Norfolk during the crisis, at which time the Thor missiles were based nearby.7kjuh]]

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